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EXPERIENCE, the Difference

When Metropolitan Sheet Metal Ltd. (parent company of Metro Air Limited) was established in 1954 by Ken Sheridan, home comfort meant having a furnace in the basement. Today, it is a matter of a phone call home to voice activate your thermostat before calling it a day at the office.

Sophisticated engineering and stringent energy standards have led to technology that makes the indoor environment as comfortable as possible and MetroAir has been there every step of the way to provide maximum comfort, energy efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Family Owned and Operated

Many customers can still claim to be a "friend of Ken's" and his four sons now carry on the tradition of offering quality products with the excellent service. MetroAir has evolved from being a pioneer in gas heating in the late 1950s to a provider of a full range of leading edge energy efficient home comfort and air quality products.

MetroAir is one of Toronto's most established and dependable heating and air conditioning contractors serving residential customers in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe and is the contractor of choice of dozens of quality home builders. Home builders know MetroAir's longstanding reputation as a superior contractor that they can count on and properly care for their new home purchasers.

The Ultimate in Customer Care

At MetroAir Home Comfort Solutions, our customers have come to expect "Traditional Workmanship and Customer Care", that can only come from a proud history and dedicated experienced staff. We like to say, if you think "you can judge people by the company they keep", then we believe "you can judge a company by the people they keep".